Our Physiotherapists

Treating dance injuries requires specialised knowledge, the right treatment can impact the rest of a dancer’s career. We are fortunate to have two dedicated and highly experienced dance physiotherapists. Linda Lee and Richard Gallen each have 16 years of post graduate experience in the UK and New Zealand, working alongside medical and surgical specialists and have been working with young dancers for the past 7 years. They have also both worked intensively with sports teams and elite athletes and Linda has worked as a locum at the New Zealand School of Dance.

Their advanced training enables them to effectively treat a wider variety of physical injuries and ailments than many other health professionals. Their dance specific knowledge also enables them to communicate effectively with young dancers and with your permission, with your dance teacher. Ensuring effective rehabilitation and minimal recurrence.

Their philosophy...

DancePhysio aims to keep dancers dancing, whenever possible. "Unlike non-dance specific clinicians, understanding the demands of dance and dance movement often enables us to recommend workload modification instead of cessation". "Our rehabilitation programmes can also be supported by the Pilates studio environment and by close liason with the Dance Pilates instructors, allowing dancers to keep their form and return to full function more quickly..."


Linda Lee (BPhty  NZRP. MNZSP.)

Linda is a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor who has worked in a number of clinics both in NZ and United Kingdom. Linda spent 10 years working in a Sports Medicine Clinic and the Back Institute (Wellington and then Auckland), which enabled her to work as part of a team including Exercise Therapists, Sports Physicians, Psychologists and Orthopaedic Specialists. During this time Linda was involved in treatment of sports injuries, acute and chronic low back and neck injuries and post surgical patients.  She has been working with young dancers intensively for the past 7 years and has particular interest in the young athlete and dancer, injury prevention and rehabilitation. 

Linda has a particular interest in screening dancers and athletes, to establish individualized conditioning programmes both post injury and for injury prevention. Linda is now undertaking a Masters Thesis focusing on dance injuries and screening tools for dancers.  She has undertaken further studies in Acupuncture, and has completed her Post Grad in Sports and Exercise Medicine in 2010 with distinction.  Linda initially did her Pilates training with Dance Medicine Australia and Polestar and incorporates Pilates into her rehabilitation and treatment plans for clients.

Linda Lee
Physiotherapist (MNZSP)
(BPhty, PGDipSp& Ex Med, PGCert Physio (Msk)


Richard Gallen (BPhty, PGD (Manips), MHPrac(Hons) NZRP, MNZSP)

Richard completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Otago in 1995. Since then he has worked in a wide variety of physiotherapy roles in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Richard has undertaken post-graduate study in spinal manipulative physiotherapy and in 2005 became a Polestar Certified Pilates Instructor.

Richard's experience in both the health and fitness industries has convinced him of importance of the Pilates method for rehabilitation, injury prevention and fitness training. He has a special interest in dance, conditions related to postural muscle imbalance and has experience in managing sports injuries and occupational pain syndromes. Richard has been working with young dancers for the past 6 years and has been involved in implementing exercise programmes for chronic back and neck pain as well as post-surgical rehabilitation.

Richard's style of physiotherapy is both hands-on and exercise based and is enhanced by his involvement with Pilates and continuing post-graduate education.



Linda and Richard are actively involved in the studio, teaching both group and individualised Pilates sessions and conducting in house training. They are happy to work as part of a team with you, your dance teacher and any other health or fitness professional you may see.



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